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Independence, in 1980, ushered in a new era that granted everyone above 18 years old, irrespective of their colour and sex, the right to vote. These rights are also guaranteed in the Zimbabwe Constitution which states that one has a right, “to vote in all elections and referendums to which this Constitution or any other law applies, and to do so in secret”. Voting therefore grants one the opportunity to choose a leader men or woman who represents ones local area be it in council or parliament who would best raise issues of concern to them or address issues of concern in their community. This project therefore aims to package information in a way that makes it easy for women/girls, men/boys to understand the importance of exercising that right. Using internet (social media) and mobile phone platforms these video clips will be used to create awareness on the importance of exercising ones constitutional right, voting.

In a democracy, an imagined citizen is well informed about local issues and follows how their local representative positions themselves regards those issues. The positions such leaders take on these issues one would think should therefore determine outcomes of elections. However, it has been noted that generally, when it comes to voting for their local representative, the electorate is not issue based. They do not choose their local representatives on the basis of issues but on party lines. This project therefore aims to create an informed electorate that understands the importance of issue based voting as opposed to partisan voting.

Our Mission

Africa Women Filmmakers Trust works to advance gender equality and justice through the use of information and communication technologies by facilitating
content production and dissemination that supports girls, women and disadvantaged communities to take informed choices.