Let Them Bloom

Let Them Bloom

Let Them Bloom Child Marriages Series

This manual, "Let Them Bloom" was written to aid Guidance and Counselling, Heritage and Indigenous Languages teachers in both Primary and Secondary Schools in Zimbabwe to engage optimally using the participatory video action approach with learners in the context of, life skills education curriculum, focusing on child marriages. The ultimate goal is to raise the knowledge of learners, and, most importantly, to help the learners translate knowledge gained during the participatory interactive video screenings, discussions and exercises into positive behaviour, thereby ensuring the end of child marriages, which currently is at a staggering 32% (UNWomen). Unintended pregnancy, early and forced marriage, according to the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education resulted in 6 748 children, in particular girls, dropping out of school in 2018. There is, therefore need to empower learner's with skills that will ensure an end to child marriages.

The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education and Africa Women Filmmakers Trust, acknowledge that, some of the teachers might not have the skills they are meant to cultivate among their learners. This guide therefore helps to empower them with the knowledge and motivation to assist the learners.


This project was inspired by the understanding that children in Zimbabwe are at risk of Sexual Gender Based Violence (SGBV) that results in Child Marriages. These children often lack understanding and knowledge that their rights are being violated when specific acts of SGBV, which sometimes results in pregnancy leading to early or forced marriage. Children with disabilities are at an even greater risk since they are often isolated and are usually dependent on others in their day to day activities. These children are therefore generally compromised. This inspired this project to translate the video series into Zimbabwe Sign Language for the benefit of children with hearing impairment. The Tonga and Ndebele versions are a recognition that, sometimes, messages are better understood in one's local language. This is meant to ensure that children speaking official local languages are not discriminated. It also complies with the Constitution of Zimbabwe which officially recognizes these indigenous languages and forbids discrimination based on language. AWFT will be translating the series into the remaining Zimbabwean official indigenous languages in the near future.

This project was inspired by the understanding that children in Zimbabwe are at risk of Sexual Gender Based Violence (SGBV) that results in Child Marriages.

Specific Aims of this Guide, Let Them Bloom

This teacher's guide, "Let Them Bloom", aims to enhance the facilitation skills of the teachers which will empower and motivate them to engage with the learners using this tool. It will also enlighten the teachers on the following issues:

  • International, regional and national frameworks focusing on child (marriages) rights
  • National institutions and their role in combating child marriages
  • The dynamics of early marriages
  • Comprehend the contents of the video series, Let Them Bloom
  • Understand principles governing marriage
  • Prepare relevant interventions

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